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We serve yummy healthy hand held meals at festivals and venues throughout Sydney and NSW. Our menu has been developed over time to include delicious favourites from around the world. We offer a range of flavours from just about every culture and cuisine and tailor our meals to suit each event we attend.

Catering Service

Our trucks are available to provide onsite catering for any event. We know that each celebration is unique and has different needs and requirements. You can contact us for corporate events, weddings, cocktail & private parties, coronations, engagements, birthdays, surprises, brand activations, royal banquets, medieval theme parties, etc. We cater for a variety of different tastes and budgets.

For our catering menu, we have a great deal of flexibility so talk to Andrew on 0438 044 630 about a menu that fits your occasion. Some additional ideas include:

Fresh King or Tiger prawns
Sydney Rock Oysters
Quinoa Salad mix
Quesadillas with cheese and avocado
Fresh sandwiches, wraps and rolls
Korean chicken or beef burger

Sweet potato fries
American beef burgers
Lady Wendy’s Pumpkin soup
Flathead and chips
Eggplant parmigiana
Vegan curry with coconut sambal

Our Story

Foods of the Realm are proud of its achievements. We serve delicious and healthy hand held meals from two distant lands in the Realm, Ceylontina and Empilon. In Ceylontina, their majestically spiced deep fried meals called ceylonadas, are rolled in beautiful pancakes and breadcrumbed for a crunchy and remarkable flavour. Ceylontinians love to eat with their hands, and dip their Ceylonadas in perfectly matching sauces. Empilonians cook their empanadas with a variety of fillings based on the different houses that inhabit their lands. For example the house Vegania, cooks with no derivatives of animals, but the Toralia house prepares their fillings with beef or creamy chicken. These two lands have contests every year to present their best Ceylonadas and Empanadas, and we chose the winning dishes to bring this amazing flavour to you.
Welcome to the Foods of the Realm.

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Contact Us

For any enquiries please email us using the contact form below or call Andrew during business hours on 0438 044 630